Advisory Approach

The conviction of doing what is right binds us together and shapes our passion as a company. We share a common objective, the interest of our clients, and embrace this with the same entrepreneurial thinking as for our own objectives. We are proud of the fact that our employees stay with the company for many years, and this also assures our clients that their contacts grow both personally and professionally with the company.

Different people have different specialised knowledge at O&R. We generally only have to move to the next desk to group together sensible synergies for our clients. Closely connected specialist departments support our philosophy that team success is more than just the sum of individual performances. Modern personnel management, an attractive working environment and our long-standing reputation are key drivers for the high degree of self-motivation shown by our employees.

Our teams are put together according to the task in question and not on the basis of hierarchy. This results is the ability to react quickly and offer proactive advice in discussions with clients, both of which evidence our distinctive understanding of service provision.

Our employees bring international experience and high levels of professional competence. Interdisciplinary working supports the exchange of ideas and increases the ability of each individual to exploit all available internal and external resources.

The O&R network not only stimulates the active exchange of knowledge for complex tasks, but also delivers practical and fast solutions for time-critical projects.