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The O&R group

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For more than 30 years the O&R group has advised clients successfully in the fields of audit, tax, legal matters and corporate finance. We serve corporations and their shareholders on legal, tax, accounting and business issues. We focus on corporate transactions, business valuation and the analysis of complex problems of business management, statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements as well as special audits.

We define consultancy as delivering a service, and we deliver more than simply ‘our best’. This is exactly what we want to show with each mandate. We apply the highest standards to every task we approach. We question traditional patterns of thinking and acting and react to market requirements in a new way each day. The result is that we discover what is unexpected, surprising and new – every day, with every mandate and at every stage of the process. We look forward to guiding your assignments effectively towards the desired result.

Entities of O&R group

O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG

The O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft forms the nucleus of the O&R group. For more than 30 years it has advised clients successfully on tax, corporate and economic issues. This includes the performance of statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements as well as special audits.

O&R GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft

Within the O&R group the O&R GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft represents our expertise in corporate law with a focus on transactions and corporate restructuring. Of course we provide ongoing legal advice to our clients as well. In close cooperation with auditors, tax consultants and corporate finance specialists we ensure a comprehensive and integrated legal advice.

O&R Corporate Finance AG

O&R Corporate Finance AG is a subsidiary of O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG. The Management as well as the chairman of the supervisory board are further shareholders. The company is a competent partner for all kind of m&a business and combines the business expertise of the O&R group with respect to corporate finance and economic analysis.

Our Clients

Our clients are domestic and entities from other countries of all legal types – large listed and smaller medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and partnerships, family offices and also trusts – across numerous industries. All of our clients benefit from our high degree of identification with their aims and requirements. The values of longterm collaboration and meeting with mutual trust on an equal footing are strongly anchored within the O&R group.

In these times of increasing globalisation and highly competitive markets, we are passionately committed to small and medium- sized businesses, not least because we are ourselves a medium-sized company that has grown naturally and proves itself in the consultancy market on a daily basis.

We offer comprehensive advice to private individuals with significant assets, and to their portfolio management companies and family offices, on matters of asset structuring, investments or succession plans. Furthermore we pool our knowledge to allow sustainable development of trusts, organisations and associations.

Kreston International

logo-krestonSince 2012 O&R group is an independent member of Kreston International. Due to this network we can offer our clients international audits of consolidated financial statements and international advice on mergers and acquisitions. Kreston International has been founded in 1971 and as off today is among the top ten networks of independent accounting firms. All members of the network employ international quality standards and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA).