Career Paths

After successful completion of your business studies - ideally with major's in taxation and audit or legal studies - you will start your career within the O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG or within the O&R GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft as an assistant professional or as an associate lawyer respectively.

During an introduction phase you will become acquainted with our operations, our client structure and our internal organization as well as with the entire range of our services. Starting with the independent handling of small engagements you will have the opportunity to contribute your skills and knowledge to different teams from the very beginning. As a result of the close cooperation of our service lines tax & audit, corporate finance and legal you will gain detailed insights into the interdisciplinary cooperation of lawyers, auditors, tax advisors and business experts who work together as one team under a single label.

After a successful start in the O&R group your assignments will rapidly become more complex and your involvement with clients more direct. You will quickly lead your own projects and teams and act with budgetary and personnel responsibility. The acquisition of new customers will start to be part of your duties.

The next step of your personnel career level is the appointment as an authorized representative. Besides your continuing role in project teams you will increasingly be involved in the field of customer relationships. You will serve our clients and execute engagements from the offer to the issuance of the invoice on your own.

Your final career goal will be the appointment as a member of the board of the O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG or a managing director of the O&R GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft or of the O&R Corporate Finance Beratungsgesellschaft mbH respectively. Thus, you are an entrepreneur within our company. Besides hiring and leading new employees related to you, you will guide and support the following generations of young professionals on their way up the career ladder. The operational and strategic alignment of the O&R group as well as the continuing expansion of our client base will be a part of your areas of responsibility.

Advanced Training

We offer our clients integrated services with the objective to find the best possible solution under the joint consideration of accounting, tax, legal and economic aspects. In order to achieve this standard you will, next to your training on the job, benefit from a training program designed individually right from the start.

In order to continuously foster your professional and personnel skills you will attend internal know-how meetings covering current issues on a weekly basis, join external seminars regularly and participate in our yearly held training seminar lasting several days which covers the areas corporate law, tax law and accounting.

In order to obtain the professional certification as a certified tax advisor or an auditor we support you with generous financial support, granting of paid leaves and if necessary with flexible work-time arrangements.

Job Vacancies

For further information and the transmission of your complete application please refer to:

O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG
Human Resources
Isabelle Müller
Ganghoferstraße 66
80339 Munich

Phone +49 89 411 8930-118
O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG