Audit Services

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Modern auditing must open up new prospects for clients, and that is why we develop proactive individual approaches, ideas and recommendations for optimising procedures and structures. Our long-standing business relationships as auditors emphasise the fact that we know and understand our clients. Since all of our employees also have tax knowledge, we always indicate any tax risks and planning possibilities, even if these are not directly referred to in our mandate. In addition to the year-end audit, therefore, we also create clearly quantifiable added value for companies. An integrated consultancy approach is our understanding of modern auditing.

Our activities extend to the specialist areas of restructurings and mergers and acquisitions. For these special topics we present the accounting and tax consequences of different options. As proactive consultants, we deliver measurable results in the areas of accounting and tax optimisation by creating or amending group and financing structures. Our auditors work hand in hand with a professional team of valuation specialists, tax consultants and lawyers from within the O&R group to offer our clients comprehensive and efficient advice. Our integrated consultancy approach ensures that share purchase agreements are also scrutinised from an accounting perspective.

Operate locally and think globally – major national and international corporations value our know-how as accounting experts. The increasing complexity of international accounting requires in-depth specialisation in certain areas. We take account of this development in our range of services and also prove our strengths with regard to large listed companies.

Audit of financial statements

When conducting statutory or voluntary audits of individual and consolidated financial statements, we assess on an individual basis, in an effective and efficient manner, whether all statutory provisions have been complied with. However, we also wish to make use of our findings from the audit to develop ideas and recommendations for optimising structures and procedures. This may result, for example, in improvements to inventory valuation or the introduction of more efficient inventory procedures. Our interdisciplinary orientation ensures that employees with tax knowledge bring their expertise to every audit team. This is the only way to ensure that tax risks and opportunities for optimisation are identified in a timely manner. These might include, for example, improvements to the transfer pricing system or the optimal use of losses carried forward within the group.

International accounting

Both the audit of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP, and advice on specific IFRS questions, form part of our range of services. When converting from German GAAP to international standards, we explain significant effects on the balance sheet and provide recommendations.

The major significance of the IFRS balance sheet, e.g. due to the impact on the company’s rating, requires in-depth consultancy experience of complex specialised issues. We provide advice for the determination of the purchase price for company acquisitions, during the negotiation of interest terms with banks, or on the presentation of specific items on the balance sheet. We outline possible scenarios and their impacts in discussions with clients, in order to create more transparency at all levels. We offer extensive specialised knowledge in the areas of leasing, pension obligations, financial instruments and mergers.

Special audits

Our range of special audits includes audits of an incorporation of an enterprise, capital increases by way of contributions in kind, mergers, and audits in respect of restructuring measures such as demergers or spin-offs. We also provide economically and organisationally significant audits, such as audits of going concern forecasts for companies threatened with insolvency. Our portfolio is rounded off by the preparation of letters of comfort in the context of capital market transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Every merger and acquisition involves a complex decision-making process in conditions of uncertainty. Economic, legal and tax-related issues must be analysed and evaluated in parallel during each stage of the process. The process is complicated by the fact that the entire procedural chain always suffers extreme time pressure, and that the different interests of management, employees, investors and owners must be taken into consideration to the same degree. Only a transparent flow of information can provide more assurance when making these decisions. That is why we accompany our clients throughout the entire transaction – from initiation via the negotiation phase right through to closing.

The combination of accounting know-how and experience in a variety of industries allows various options to be identified when drawing up purchase agreements e.g. optimisation of balance sheet-driven purchase price adjustment clauses. The operative work begins for us after the transaction has been contractually implemented. We provide support in implementing the contractual provisions in the balance sheet, following close collaboration between auditors and lawyers. Our added value becomes very clear if, for example, the finance division in the acquired company has to be restructured. O&R provides prompt and direct support when implementing an efficient accounting or controlling.

Corporate Restructurings

Valuation and accounting issues play an important role in the implementation of structures motivated by tax or commercial law. We prepare information on the accounting and tax-related consequences of changes in corporate form, mergers and other forms of coporate restructuring in a systematic and transparent manner; this is then used as a basis for decision-making when carrying out the restructuring. O&R has proven itself to be a forward-looking partner when it comes to accounting and tax optimisation of group structures, and also provides support for initial public offerings e.g. by creating the required prospectus.

Risk Management Systems

It is becoming harder to predict the economic environment. The crises faced by companies and nations are making it increasingly difficult to control companies in a goal-oriented manner. An active risk management system is indispensable in this environment. The implementation of an appropriate system for identifying risks early is also a statutory obligation for public limited companies.

Our services include a risk inventory, followed by the creation of an individual risk management system, or the assessment of existing systems. We consider sustainable and intelligent company controls to be the best way of protecting against risk. In our opinion, a risk management system is only successful if it not only measures and evaluates risks, but is also linked to efficient company controls. Recognising this, we conduct economic feasibility analyses, and implement or optimise cost accounting and planning systems.


Compliance – acting in accordance with existing laws, regulations and guidelines – is becoming increasingly important, particularly for international companies. Our strengths lie in the introduction of a compliance system to prevent, identify and follow up on any breaches of regulations. As a first step we carry out a risk analysis that is specifically tailored to the client. We then identify any existing systems and defence mechanisms and, finally, initiate measures for improving or implementing a compliance system.